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New Research for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Posted by on Monday, May 23rd, 2016

research for Alzheimer's treatment


Despite many encouraging leads, new  Alzheimer’s Treatment is “slow to emerge,”according to Mayo Clinic.  The good news is that as time progresses, a better understanding of how Alzheimer’s affects the brain has given scientists more of a clear understanding of new ways to implement effective treatment of the disease.  Continue reading to learn more about  Mayo Clinic’s report regarding some of these promising new research studies.

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Are Eggs Recommended for the Alzheimer’s Diet?

Posted by on Sunday, May 15th, 2016

eggs for the Alzheimer's diet

If you or a loved one are adhering to a healthy Alzheimer’s diet, you may have some reservations about eating eggs.  When it comes to foods that are proclaimed to raise cholesterol levels and increase risks for heart disease, eggs have had a pretty bad reputation for some time  Many people think they should eliminate eggs altogether for optimal health. But what does recent research say? Should eating eggs be included in a healthy Alzheimer’s diet?

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Surprising Ways that Mushrooms Can Help Promote Alzheimer’s Prevention

Posted by on Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Although mushrooms may NOT appear on the list of the most loved vegetables for everyone, you may be surprised to learn just how healthy these friendly fungi really are, and how they may even promote Alzheimer’s prevention.  In fact, not only do mushrooms provide surprising health benefits for people, some environmentalists argue that their toxin absorbing benefits could even “save the world.” But that’s a topic for another discussion.  

mushrooms for alzheimer's prevention

For now, let’s just stick with the health benefits of mushrooms-including how they can promote a brain healthy Alzheimer’s prevention diet. Continue reading…