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New Study Reveals Diet Beverages may Increase Risk of Stroke & Alzheimer’s Dementia

Posted by on Monday, May 15th, 2017

drinking soda increases risk of Alzheimer's dementia

The long term  risk of ingesting  loads of  sugary foods and beverages is a pretty commonly known these days, but a new study says diet drinks may be even more dangerous when it comes to Alzheimer’s dementia.   Sugar laden and diet soda drinks have been an integral part of American culture for decades.  These types of drinks have become commonplace at parties, picnics, family get togethers, holidays and more. But today, medical science is proving just why sugar laden as well as diet soft drinks should be eliminated from the diet all together. 

A new report published in April 2017, states that those who drink diet soda on a regular basis have 3 times the risk of dementia and stroke, compared with people who rarely drink them. 

The Research Study

The recent research study, led by Matthew Pase of Boston University School of Medicine, discovered that people who frequently ingested diet drinks were more likely to have poorer health than those who abstain from them. Pase studied over 4,000 people’s beverage intake habits and then published the findings in the Journal of American Stroke Association.  The study participants examined for risk of stroke were aged 45 and over; those studied for incidence of dementia were aged 65 and over with an average age of 62.  The study was conducted over a period of 10 years.

Study Conclusion

At the end of the study, 97 cases of stroke and 63 incidents of Alzheimer’s disease were identified.  Those at highest risk for stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s dementia were the participants who had a higher intake of artificially sweetened (diet) soft drinks.  Adjustments for participants’ age, sex, education (analysis gathered for dementia evaluation), caloric intake, diet, smoking and physical activity were implemented. Interestingly, the sugar sweetened beverages were not found to be associated with dementia or stroke in the study.  Sugar laden drinks are linked to diabetes, which is an Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk factor. 

“We found that those people who were consuming diet soda on a daily basis were three times as likely to develop both stroke and dementia within the next 10 years as compared to those who did not consume diet soda,” Pase told NBC News.

“Both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened soft drinks may be hard on the brain.”

“Our study provides further evidence to link consumption of artificially sweetened beverages with the risk of stroke,” the team wrote.

“To our knowledge, our study is the first to report an association between daily intake of artificially sweetened soft drink and an increased risk of both all-cause dementia and dementia because of Alzheimer’s disease.”

“Your intake of soda and diet soda and other beverages is part of a greater pattern. There is no simple relationship between what you are eating and drinking,” said Keith Fargo, director of scientific programs for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Fargo also reiterated that although the study did not point out precisely how diet beverages might damage the brain, it’s important for people to just go along with what the evidence is pointing to as far as overall health.  He reminds people to eat plenty of fresh whole foods and exercise regularly. 

“There clearly is a relationship between your heart health and your brain health,” Fargo told NBC News.

“I would say reach for a bottle of water before you reach for your artificial sweetened beverages.”

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