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Improve Brain Health With These Top Apps

Posted by on Monday, December 24th, 2012

Tablets are the big gift item this year, with the iPad and Kindle leading the pack. If you find yourself with a new tablet this holiday season, you will find they can be great tools for keeping your brain healthy. We have some suggestions for ways to use them to exercise your brain and monitor your nutrition and overall health.


Alzheimer's Nutrition Using Brain Healthy Apps

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Nutrition Apps

Maintaining your overall health is one key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease, and there are a variety of apps that can help you prepare healthy meals and track daily nutrition and exercise.  Here are some of our favorites:


While MyNetDiary was developed as a weight loss app, but the program is so robust, it is an excellent tool for tracking and managing nutrition. For Alzheimer’s prevention, you’ll want to focus less on calorie consumption and much more on eating nutrient-dense food, following a Mediterranean-style diet rich in omega-3 oils, fresh fruits and vegetables and seafood.



Mediterranean Diet App

The Mediterranean Diet app is filled with healthy, creative recipes to help you eat foods consistent with a brain-healthy Mediterranean-style diet. The recipes are simple, delicious, and best of all, will help you stave off diet-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


Prevent Alzheimer's Using The Mediterranean Diet App

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Brain Apps

There are countless apps designed to help you maintain brain health and improve cognitive function. Here are some of the best we’ve found:


Lumosity is a popular app that trains your brain to improve cognition, creating exercises for memory, problem solving, flexibility, speed, and attention.  People use it for a variety of purposes from warding off cognitive decline to improving work performance. Notably, the boxer Sylvera “Sly” Louis, used the program after sustaining a knock-out that could have ended his career.  After using the program for just three months, he was able to return to the ring.

Einstein Brain Trainer

The Einstein Brain Trainer is a fun way to provide daily exercise for your brain. The easy to navigate app has an Einstein character that walks you through a series of fast-paced math and logic questions providing your scores and some accolades along the way. After each daily exercise, Einstein shows you which parts of your brain you exercised and tracks your progress day-to-day.



A Clockwork Brain

A Clockwork Brain is a cleverly designed app featuring a robot that guides users through a series of brain games.  It’s unique Victorian style will catch your attention, and the games will keep you on your toes.



Brain Baseline

Brain Baseline provides a wide range of challenges and tracks your progress through time, showing your improvement along the way.  Through the games, the app can assess your brain function and measure memory, executive function, spatial processing, visuomotor coordination, attention, and processing speed to improve cognition.



For more easy to follow nutrition advice check out The Alzheimer’s Diet: A Step-by-Step Nutritional Approach to Memory Loss Prevention and Treatment, or visit to learn more about Neurologist, Dr. Richard Isaacson's 9 week diet plan and his cutting edge approach in the fight against AD in Alzheimer's Treatment | Alzheimer's Prevention: A Patient and Family Guide 2012 Edition. Also, sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates in AD treatment and prevention news.

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