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Chia Seeds – Tiny Powerhouses of Disease Prevention

Posted by on Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Most people are familiar with chia seeds as the sources of sprouts for Chia Pets, but this tiny seed is full of omega-3 fatty acids and are high in fiber and minerals. If you haven’t looked to chia seeds as a nutritional source for Alzheimer’s prevention, now may be the time to do so.

Using Chia Seeds to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

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Chia seeds are virtually tasteless, and can be easily added to a variety of foods. Anywhere you may be adding flax seeds to your diet, you can add chia seeds, but they’re surprisingly even more versatile.  Chia seeds have the unique distinction of increasing in volume by 50-70% when added to liquid. If added to a liquid, like water, the seed will expand and develop a gel exterior that holds on to the water. The gelatinous texture benefits a wide variety of people, from those seeking to lose weight to those requiring complex speech therapy.

Using Chia Seeds to Prevent Alzheimer's

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Now, this may sound more like science fiction, but this interesting quality makes it easy to add chia seeds to healthy foods.  Chia seeds should be part of your effort to prevent Alzheimer’s through diet and nutrition. Chia seeds have a low glycemic index, so they are great for filling you up without taxing your pancreas. Chia seeds are also recommended for preventing heart disease.

Here are some suggestions for how to seamlessly introduce chia seeds into your diet to easily add fiber, minerals and omega-3s to foods you already eat:

-Smoothies – You can toss in a tablespoon of chia seeds into your morning smoothie. Because of its gel-producing qualities, chia seeds add a nice smooth texture into your smoothies.  You can also just stir the chia seeds into some fresh juice, let them sit for 10-15 minutes, stir again, and drink up!

Using Chia Seeds for Alzheimer's Prevention

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-Oatmeal – Chia seeds pair nicely with oatmeal, either in your morning breakfast, homemade granola, or in some nutritionally dense oatmeal cookies.

-Baked goods – Chia sees blend well into baked goods. Because they are tiny and because of their gelatinous quality, you barely even notice chia seeds when they are added breads, cookies, and cakes.

Here is a creative way to use them to make a sweet treat: chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate:



-Salads – You can sprinkle chia seeds on your salads, just as you would with flax seeds. They add texture without a strong flavor.

-Stir-fried vegetables – Chia seeds are an excellent addition to stir fried vegetables because they help add a thicker quality to your sauce without having to use cornstarch as a thickener.

Alzheimer's Nutrition Using Chia Seeds

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We are always looking for simple ways to increase the nutrient content of the foods we eat to prevent Alzheimer’s naturally through diet and nutrition, and chia seeds fit perfectly into the profile of the types of foods you should be adding to your diet to help prevent disease.

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