Looking for Gifts for Alzheimer's & memory loss?

Consider these great gift ideas, including books, activities & non-drug therapies (most under $20). Perfect for family & caregivers too!

The Alzheimer’s Diet: A Step-by-Step Nutritional Approach to Memory Loss Prevention & Treatment - perfect for family members and loved ones concerned about memory loss, or those already diagnosed with AD.

Cover Price: $19.95, NOW $16.95
Alzheimer's Treatment Alzheimer's Prevention: A Patient & Family Guide, 2012 - easy-to-follow book details the latest strategies for AD treatment and prevention by Harvard-trained Neurologist.

Cover Price: $19.95, NOW $16.95

Therapy for Memory: Music Activity & Education Program- developed by team of clinicians and professional musicians as an at home or on-the-go program to stimulate the mind and exercise memory. Great family activity.

Was: $19.95, NOW $15.95
Therapy for Memory: Tranquil Sounds for Relaxation and Sleep CD - designed as background music during the day, while getting ready for bed and also during sleep. Research shows that reducing stress can protect against brain aging. Great for patients and caregivers.

Was: $19.95, NOW $15.95
Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program (2 discs) or Seniors Exercise DVD - both programs are designed for seniors  elderly, including sitting exercises, easy sitting pilates strength, rehab & physical therapy.  


Non-Drug Therapy
Light therapy (portable or one for home)research shows that tailored light exposure is a therapeutic option for reducing sleep trouble in AD patients. Consider a portable light box or one for the home (fitted with blue LEDs).
CocoaVia - research shows that specific antioxidants in dark chocolate powder improve memory and blood pressure. Most chocolate has high saturated fat and sugar, so stick with CocoaVia cocoa powder.
Kindle Fire keep the brain active and engaged by both reading books and browsing the Internet, great for all ages with the Full Color Kindle Fire (with Wi-Fi)


For more great gift ideas, visit: www.TherapyForMemory.org